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Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor

Learn more about the History and Present times of the ladinian valley and get to know about the symbiotic living betwwen Humans and Nature. During the summer time there are several concerts and exhibitions.

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Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Reserve Visitor Centre

Here the main theme is the formation of the Dolomites, agriculture on the high pastures and fossils, especially those of cave bears found in the nature reserve. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a model of the cave Caverna delle Conturines containing finds, film material and the skeleton of a cave bear. The terrarium with small animals living in a simulated natural environment is especially popular among children.

Exhibitions and art galleries

Art Gallery Renée
A large collection of Modern Art - the works are for sale

Galleria d'Ert Acuarei
Permanent exhibition of watercolors by R. Mussner - the works are for sale.


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