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It's not only kids, that enjoy a racy sledging opportunity... Going into the mountains without a tobogganing evening is almost impossible. The fresh air, the fast run downhill through the woods and a heating drink at the end just promise to be fun.

In Alta Badia there are following tobbogan possibilities:

Natural sleigh slope "Trù Liösa Foram"
The slope starts in Piz Sorega at an altitude of 2,003 metres and it goes as far as San Cassiano at 1,537 metres. The overall length is 3.5km and along the run there are wooden protection devices over 2.3 km that guarantee the safety of the users. The slopes vary from 10 to a maximum of 15%. The countryside that can be seen during the sleigh descent is marvellous to say the least. It ranges from the beauty of the high mountain meadows covered in snow, to an intermediate run through the stupendous forests called "Foram" before then going towards the final "Schuss" that leads down to the valley.

Cherz plateau - "hunter's way" - Planac
The path winds trough meadows and woods starting from the Cherz mountain hut,  till the Planac road, short outside Corvara. This panoramic, easy sledge way is also prepared for winter walks.

The walk to the Cherz refuge which takes you 1,5 hours approx. starts from the Planac road where you can also take the Pralongià chair lift which brings you up to the start.

length: 2approx. 2 km
difference in level: 300 m
walking time: approx. 1,5 hours

Spëscia - Armentara - La Crusc
You start in Spëscia/La Val and walk along path n. 15 which brings you to the Armentara meadows and to the Santa Croce hospice (walking time 2,5 hours approx.). The sledge way trough meadows and woods is of a suggestive beauty. If you do not want to walk that much you can start your sledge tour in Pedraces. The chair lift La Crusc will bring you up till the Santa Croce hospice.

length: 10 km
difference in level: 700 m
walking time: approx. 2,5 hours


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