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Walking & Hiking in Alta Badia in Alta Badia

Experience unforgettable summer holidays in the UNESCO Wordl Heritage Site of the Dolomites...

Alta Badia, in the Dolomites of South Tyrol is ideal for a mountain holiday. In spring, summer and autumn Alta Badia is a sunny spot with breathtaking alpine scenery, an internationally unique natural and cultural landscape and a perfect symbiosis between tradition and the Italian "Dolce Vita".

You can look forward to more than 400 km of well designed and signposted walks and climbs are . Explore the vast and varied beauty of our valley along the many path, from leisurely, sunny walks in the lower valley to the challenge of the most remote farmhouses, climbs and fixed rope climbing routes.

We have collected some of the most beautiful walks for your:

Easy walks

The Santa Croce hike - The Dragon of Sas dla Crusc
Highest point: Ospizio La Crusc 2045 m
Height difference: 600 m approx.
Walking time: 2,30 hours approx. 

Starting from rom the national road, that crosses the residential area in La Villa (1,433 m), you go downhill towards Altin, along a well-marked out trail (trail number 13) and up the opposite slope. Passing through the farmsteads of Cianins, Craciorara, Pescolderunch and Castalta you arrive at the Pasciantadù pasture, proceeding through the forest, until you reach the "via crucis", the way of the cross, that leads to the little church of Santa Croce next to the Santa Croce hospice/mountain hut.

You can return to La Villa on the same way or go down to Badia with the chair lifts La Crusc and Santa Croce.

La Villa - Piz La Ila - Pralongiá
Walking time: 2 hours approx.

On the Piz La Ila cable car it is possible to reach the Piz La Ila – Piz Sorega plateau from where many grassy and easy paths lead off: path no. 4 leads up to Piz Sorega - San Cassiano or to Col Alt - Corvara. Continue along path no. 23 to reach the panoramic point of Pralongià.

Intermediate Walks

La Villa - Gardenaccia Plateau - Juel Tal - La Villa 
Lengths: ca. 8 km
Height difference:900 m approx.

From a geological viewpoint, the itinerary mainly runs across the Carnian and Norian Dolomite formations (Cassian and Main Dolomite) which are separated by the thin Raibl Formation, made up of typically reddish marly limestones and clays. In addition, throughout the itinerary you can admire the youngest rocks of the Dolomite region. These are the famous “Rosso Ammonitico” rocks very common in the districts of Verona and Vicenza but very rare in this area, and the “Marne del Puez” rocks, that are soft, weathered, grey-greenish Cretaceous rocks deposited 120-130 million years ago in a deep-sea environment. From a geomorphological standpoint, the itinerary goes across the eastern sector of the Gardenaccia Group, whose configuration is strictly linked to the geological and structural features of the area, characterised by several tectonic discontinuities. Through time, these have been alternately subjected to the modelling actions of glaciers, weathering and gravity. Among the most frequent elements of this alpine landscape are talus fans and debris cones, which are the result of intense frost shattering processes on the steep dolomite cliffs. Other landforms characterising this itinerary are the traces of moraine erosion and accumulation left by glaciers during the maximum extension of the last glaciation and a series of more or less evident epigeal karst formations. Furthermore, you can see the spectacular morphological features of other Dolomite mountains from some panoramic points. 


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